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Lock Out The Thieves....

Meck Lock Security Systems -  Fitted by Hose Doctor

Call now on 0800 373587

Meck Lock System works by isolating all or a combination of the hydraulic systems used to operate the vehicle.

Cabin Rotation, Boom Operation, Steering Systems and Track Drive are some of the  systems that can be isolated - ensuring your plant cannot be moved.

  • The key has 20 million combinations that cannot be copied
  • The key barrel is drill, saw and hammer proof
  • A spare key is logged and held for you at a secure location.
  • Meck Lock is a mechanical unit that cannot be overridden electronically
  • Installed by either our fully trained Hose Doctor Engineers or alternatively FREE training available to your staff
  • The system has an electronic immobiliser as the first line of defence against theft.
  • Prevents theft before it happens
  • Cannot be blocked unlike eletronic security devices.

......With Meck Lock they’re going nowhere !

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